Baseball with my boy

So for the first time ever I purchased a 20 game plan to go to Rangers game this year with my son. He hasn’t been able to go with me to every game but we have had a lot of fun.  It has been awesome to be able to bond with my son over a shared activity.


This picture was taken on opening day. I’m not sure why my son had to be so stubborn but at least I have a picture of him covering his face.  For some reason, he has a problem with pictures these days. He honestly doesn’t understand why I like to take so many pictures. This is the first time either one of us has been to an opening day game.  It also just happen to occur the day after his birthday.


This picture was taken at our first Sunday afternoon game. This happened to be my fourth game out of our tickets but it was only my son’s second game. He at least let me take a picture at this game.


My son was totally not in the mood to go to this game and he complained the whole way there before he fell asleep in the car.  The ironic thing is that he actually had a really good time.  We got him his first Rangers’ hat that night and he got to get his picture taken with the Captain.


This was the best day.  My son and I played hooky in order to go to this game.  We had a lot of fun but we also discovered that 1 pm games are really hot.


Unfortunately this will be the last game my son gets to attend until August because of visitation with his dad this summer.  I have been so thankful for all these amazing hours with my son. I’m not sure if we will ever buy tickets again in the future but I do know that we have really enjoyed all the time together this year. I am so lucky to call this boy my son. I will miss having his company at the games over the next couple of months.


Growing Up

So today my kids and I attended a graduation party for a family friend.  Tomorrow she will graduate from high school with 128 of my students from this year. It is hard to believe that I have finished yet another year as a teacher.  It is also crazy that I will go to another graduation and watch my students start out into the world. After nine years of teaching it seems that I have seen a lot of kids go through my classroom. I know that as I continue to teach I will see even more students pass through my classroom. In another couple of years I will be watching my own daughter graduate. Life is short and I have to continue to move forward.

My Relationship Is Over

It’s funny because I honestly would have thought that I would be more upset after five months. I guess maybe I am still a bit numb. I knew things between us weren’t perfect and I knew we had a lot of obstacles to overcome but I guess I expected us to be stronger. I know that I will bounce back and I also know that my life isn’t over but I do miss him. It is hard to be away from someone that you are used to seeing on a regular basis and talking to every day. I am lucky though because I have my kids.  School is almost out for me and I will be able to focus on my kids and myself over the next couple of months.  Life is short and I refuse to wallow in sorrow but I am a bit sad. I haven’t taken off the necklace he gave me yet because I am just not ready but I know that I will soon.