My boyfriend is always surprising me with the things he says and does for me all the time.  Last night he completely caught me off guard when he asked me to come and stay at his house for Spring Break.  He has to work all week but he wants to be able to spend time with me so that is kind of a compromise. I was a little apprehensive at first because my second husband used to always want me to come stay with him and then he would get upset about the fact that I was able to relax all day while he had to work. I let my boyfriend know what my issue is and then I told him I would come. He is always so good about dealing with my insecurities because of the things I have been through.  He told me today that he knows it’s hard to trust and that he has plenty of time. He honestly makes me think that I can completely let go of the past. He gives me the hope that I can have a happy future. He always tells me that he won’t leave me that I will have to walk away for us to be apart. I honestly hope that I can spend the rest of my life with this man. He makes me so happy. I have no idea what the future holds for us but I do know that I can’t wait to find out.


Freak Like Me

So Saturday night my boyfriend and I were having drinks in a bar after a very filling Italian dinner.  We got into this interesting conversation about sex!  I was trying to understand some of his insistence about us and I asked him a direct question about why he feels so good about us. He finally told me that he thinks I’m a freak like him. I’m learning more and more about his wants and desires both in and out of the bedroom. I know that he makes me feel things that I’ve never felt before. He pushes me past boundaries I’ve never really crossed. I feel so completely comfortable with him. I feel completely uninhibited when I’m with him. Last night after we got home from the movies we were lying in bed kissing and talking. He started describing for me what it would feel like to be with two men while he was kissing me. The thing that makes him so completely amazing is that he is so focused on my pleasure. Sex is never about a quickie and then getting on with our day. There is usually a lot of foreplay followed by utterly amazing sex. I can honestly say that I’m having some of the best sex of my life with this man. He keeps telling me that the only way things will end between us is if I walk away. That’s a hard concept for me after everything I’ve been through in the last few years. I can honestly say that it would make me happy to spend the rest of my life with this man. Only time will tell how thing will end up but right now I’m just going to enjoy the ride!

Young Love

Tonight my son went to a Valentine’s Dance at school. He went with his girlfriend.  I went with him to the door so that I could get a picture of them.  I can’t believe that my son is growing up so fast.  He is my baby and he’s six inches taller than me now.


I’m sure this won’t be the last picture I take of him at a dance but I have to say they look adorable.

Valentine’s Surprise

So I guess I’m a couple of days late with my post but sometimes life make it difficult to write. It’s funny because this is the first time in three years that I have been really dating anyone on Valentine’s Day. My boyfriend was so sweet because he made a huge effort to come over here to see me because it was Valentine’s Day. We had dinner together and then we watched “The Girl on the Train” afterwards.  He was about to fall asleep at the beginning of the movie but then he woke up.  Then he gave my Valentine’s present.  I read the beautiful card and then I opened my present. He gave me the coolest Harley Quinn Statue.  I had never even seen it before.


She fit in perfect with all my other Harley’s at school. I was so excited because I couldn’t believe that he went outside his comfort zone to buy me such an awesome gift. Then he tells me there is more in the bag. I reached in and I found a small jewelry box. I opened it and inside I found a beautiful heart necklace. I was really surprised because we’ve only been together like six weeks.  I feel like he went to a lot of trouble to make me feel special on Valentine’s Day. He does that every time we are together.  I don’t remember the last time that I have had anyone make me feel so special.  He finally treats me the way I deserve to be treated.


I can honestly say that I am hopelessly in love with my boyfriend. Last night I met his oldest daughter.  I was his date to her birthday dinner.  It was kind of strange because we had dinner with her, her husband, her daughter, two of her friends and her mother. I will admit it was strange to be at dinner with my boyfriend and his first wife but she seemed nice enough. All last night he kept telling me how beautiful I looked and that I was totally hot. It’s really funny because my daughter helped me pick out the dress I wore. I was really glad that I got dressed up last night. I even straightened my hair which I have never done with him before.  He loved it. You know it is so funny because I didn’t expect things with him to end up like this. He is so good to me and sometimes I feel like I don’t even deserve it. I have been through so many bad things when it comes to relationships in the last few years and I know it is definitely time for me to have some happiness.  He makes me happier than I have been in so long. I really enjoyed meeting his daughter last might and I can’t wait to meet the rest of his kids.


This man makes my future look so bright!!


So I finally got a resolution to the problem I’ve had with this one parent yesterday.  I have to say everything ended up much different than what I expected. Ultimately when my principal talked with the parent yesterday they gave him an ultimatum regarding the grade. My principal stood up for me and supported me so the parent withdrew her child from school. Apparently there was a lot more going on with this girl than I even realized because she was really behind in credits. They withdrew her from the regular high school and sent her to our alternative high school. I am relieved that the situation is finally resolved but it does make me sad that the situation came to this. I have had several parents question the same participation grade.  It is really frustrating when they don’t seem to realize or understand that the students have to follow the directions in order to get credit.  The vast majority of my students had things in the right place but the ones that didn’t seem to think they are special. I wouldn’t be teaching them anything if I allowed them to continually ignore the directions and still gave them full credit. This year has definitely been a challenging year for me regarding parents.  I love teaching but I know that this group of parents really cater to their kids. It is not healthy for parents to act this way about their senior aged students.  These kids are about to embark on their own but their parents are still fighting their battles for them. I would never do that for my kids. I think it is very important that kids learn to fight their own battles. What is going to happen to the future of our society if high school graduates still depend on mommy and daddy to fight their battles for them?


So since last Friday I have been dealing with issues surrounding my senior research paper project and grades.  One particular parent has been out to get me because I refused to change a grade that her daughter didn’t deserve. My principal has been extremely supportive but the parent just won’t let things go.  I was grading my students’ next round of annotated bibliographies tonight when I figured out how to look up the history of a folder in Google Docs.  I feel like I have struck gold because now I can prove to my principal that the student didn’t have anything in her folder.  I knew that I wouldn’t have given her a zero if the files were where they were supposed to be but until tonight I had no way to prove my case. I guess I’m just really stubborn but I couldn’t let this go. I knew that I had graded everything fairly and I didn’t like being told that I didn’t.  I also didn’t appreciate having someone tell me that I wasn’t doing my job.  I definitely learned a hard lesson with this parent situation but I have a much better idea of how to handle things in the future.  I just really hope that I can get through the rest of this project without anymore major issues.  I was hoping that the grades would go up based on these annotated bibliographies that I’ve been working on tonight but it seems like they are all still in about the same place.

Sunday Night

No one is ever happy to see a weekend end but I am especially dreading tomorrow. I haven’t let myself dwell on Friday all weekend but now that it is time to go back to work tomorrow I am dreading it big time. Overall I had a great weekend despite the fact that Friday was so terrible.  My boyfriend came over Friday night and we went out and had a great dinner and a place we are really starting to like. We came back here and watched a movie.  We watched “Deep Water Horizon” which is actually a really great movie. My boyfriend actually fell asleep while we were watching it but it was just great being near him after the week I had. I actually took this picture while he was sleeping!

Saturday we went to a 50th anniversary party at my old church.  It was so incredibly weird to be at the church again. It’s funny actually because some of the people were really nice and friendly towards me and some of them acted like they didn’t even know me. I know I quit going to church there a couple months back but it still seems weird that they would act that way. I went for the family and it will probably be the last time I go to the church.

  Last night I spent some quiet time to myself and today I just relaxed. I know tomorrow is a new week and I know that I need to approach it with the most positive attitude I can. Life is short and I can’t let one person impact me like that.

Worst Day

I have to say that today has been one of the worst days of my teaching career.  Dealing with parents is never easy, and as a parent myself I understand how feel but that doesn’t mean you should ever put blame on the teacher for a student’s grade. Students have this victim mentality these days and they act like nothing is their fault. They don’t honestly think they should be held accountable for anything. As a parent, when my child has a bad grade then I automatically talk to my child about the situation not their teacher. I have parents that constantly email about every little thing despite the fact that the majority of my students are seniors. I try to deal with parents as compassionately as I can but at the end of the day the job is up to their kids. I expect my students to take responsibility for their own actions. Today one of my student’s parent actually demanded that I change her daughter’s grade and actually accused me of not doing my job because there was a previous assignment that hadn’t been graded. My district requires that we have 5 grades in our gradebook at the time the progress reports go home to the parents. I currently have 10 in my gradebook which means that I have more than met the requirement setup by my district. I usually take a journal grade twice a six weeks every term but because we are working on research papers I hadn’t graded the four journals that we did the first week of the grading period.  I was out sick for three days this week so I out my priority on grading the assignments that were more important to the students. This particular parent seems to think it is more than appropriate for me to spend all weekend grading something that isn’t even due until today so that it can be on the progress report. I don’t think I have ever had someone tell me that her child did her part so now I need to do mine. She was upset about a grade that hadn’t been put in and then she was upset about a participation grade that her daughter received last week. Participation grades are based on teacher discretion.  In a long project like a research paper, we give participation as a means of holding them accountable for their daily actions. I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but I have always tried to be fair with my students.  I try to be consistent and fair. I have approached this project the way the other teachers at my school have been handling it. The whole experience is new for me and frankly it’s a bit overwhelming to have 135 students that I have to chase down when they are seniors. I know that I have to let all this go so that I can enjoy my weekend with my boyfriend.  I also know that no amount of stressing will make today different. I wish I could just skip back to Monday and start over. I just hope things are better next week!!!